Everytime call him not playin game then sleep..
I know he like to play computer game but i hope when i call him he can stop awhile talk to me..
I really don know wat i 1..
everytime after finish talkin with him in the phone..
i will keep on crying isz.. he don care me or he really that busy to come back to singapore n see me again..
If is money problem maybe can 4give but this coming month goin to 2month..
Maybe many of u sure will think just 2month only but this 2month plus the feelin is like HELL..
I hate it very much..

I still love him but i just 1 to see really that hard..
i really Hate This Feeling Of Can't see him
Sometime think If we break i will feel better but i think the answer is NO because we everyday calling each other.. but wat i 1 is TO SEE HIM...
HatE this feeling just like hell..
Hate myself everyday after calling him i still will cry like hell..

Now is 3.45am goin to 4am..
tIME to sleep..
feedin my pet until so late haha.. later kena scold by u again haha..

Now thinkin Mr Boy..
But He sleep le.. i also goin to sleep..
Gd nith Mr Boy..
Sweet Dream..
Wan An..
Selemat malan..
Love U..

CooKinG LeT u See..

Fried Nugget..

Dry the oil..

nExt eat 1 1St..

Fried HotDog..

CooK Chicken..

Easy and Fast..

Wah.. my dinner haha..

N need Family Soup..
Fishball soup with tofu my fav..

Wat is this happen to me again..
i hate it alot..
can don alway tell me the thing that will make me cry like hell..
feel very tried..
thinkin is that a time to b break..
If he not with me any more wat can i do?
we still can so happy watch movie, havin dinner, thinkin wat he doing and wat on his mind?

I'm a girl that very easy to cry.. ( WATCH MOVIE ALSO CRY)
this time i cry 4 my bf going to change his job.. (like that also cry)
now his job is same working place with me.. (It is gd thing that u have a same job with your bf)
we know each other i think have 10month but we 2gether already 7month..
this 10month almost everyday see each other, 1 day he tell me ' I'm going to find other job'..
That day i keep on cryin until the next day my eye pain.. After that he know i cry and then nv mention it about findin other job again..

but this day still comin..
few day ago..
his friend tell him that i lack of 1person will u come over and help me..
after he told me about that once again i cried.. but why am i crying asking myself..??
i find out that i'm selfish that i don 1 to b alone..
i 1 to b with him.. everyday can see him..
i told him that i'm selfish.. but i 1 to let him go find a better work that now.. (don know wat i 1 only know that now i 1 to b with him)

so 2day he told me that 2morrow go to have a interview 1st.. (2day i nv cry)
i also told him after the interview must let me b the 1st know..

I can't promise that i won't cry again but I must try to b strong without him i must work more hard..

GOod news is i have a bF but bad is he is a malay guy don know how to let my parent know..

feel down..

this few week very down don know isz 2 week nv off..
very tried...

i feel that many ppl don like to protect their life..
i see wan bao everyday i see many ppl just because of love die..
i think love power really very strong..
maybe because i still don have any BF..

ya.. i just like them but not love them...
i like who, who like me..??
WHO know??
i not cute i fat...
but i saw always have handsome guy walk pass i will see their girl pretty or ugly..
but so so only..

i 1 to marry a guy that can protect me love me...
i already happy le...
LIKE N LOVE not same..
like just like 1 thing but 1 day this like will lost..
Love u 4ever will love this guy until u die that day...

Now i don like my workin..

I feel like everyday at there do the same thing i don like this..

eat there have many thing to eat but u everyday at there eat the same thing u also don like it..

workin friend all r very friendly..

but still don like my job NOW..

cry cry...
sad... sad...
how arh...
do lol...
when OK...
i don know.....
if have anything 1 to find me just sms if u r my friend...

did u all buy new year shirt le ma..??

i buy le haha...

but hor i haven buy earing..


2day very hot...

later still need to work...

this hello kitty is that time i go HK buy 4 me meimei de...

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